Località Piano D'Accio • 64100 - Teramo


Appointments: Monday-Friday


Emergencies H24

Small Animals Theriogenology

The Clinical Service of Small Animal Theriogenology supports the owners and the breeders in all the fields related to reproductive management and disease in companion animals. The clinical activities are supported by the most modern technologies, such as the flow cytometry, the flexible and rigid endoscopy, and the ultrasonography.

The services offered are:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of the infertility management in the bitch and in the queen, management of estrus and ovulation
  • Conventional and endoscopic artificial insemination (TCI service)
  • Male evaluation, diagnosis and management of the male infertility
  • Certification, refrigeration and cryopreservation of canine and feline semen
  • Import/export of canine semen
  • Canine sperm bank
  • Female Reproductive surgery
  • Male Reproductive surgery
  • Management of parturition in the bitch and in the queen